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My thoughts about the procedures...

First of all, what is the question?




What are some of the things I will have to deal with?





    First I have to define the spheres and the spheres array. Then I have to create the user interface. Following that, I have to come up with some equations that will get the job done. In other words, I need a way for the user to interact with the program, I have to define the basic objects that the simulation will deal with, and I have to come up with some equations for handling collisions.


Those equations probably have to incorporate both the mass of the spheres, the radii of the spheres, the angle of collisions, and the velocities of the spheres. 


The equation for collisions has to incorporate both the conservation of kinetic energy and momentum:


M1V1i + M2V2 i= M2V2f + M1V1f

 M1V1i2 + M2V2i2 = M2V2f2 + M1V1f2

In addition, I have to be able actually draw the spheres on the screen in real time, as they move and collide with each other.

At this point I'm thinking that I shouldn't have picked this crazy idea, because it is harder than it appeared at first. 

Lastly, I have to figure out a way of automatically recording the information of colliding spheres. (i.e.. Spheres' stats before and after collisions).

Now I'm really hitting myself. Proceed to the equations section.