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Idea Emporium...

Sometimes even the best of us need a few hints and ideas. That is why I have created this page. Here you can read what other people have done, and see if you like any of their ideas. You can also submit your ideas here. Basically all you have to do is fill out the form and wait for me to get it. Thanks

Here is a simple list of ideas that are in no particular order...

Simulate 2d collisions using programming.  If you do this right, you will get an A
Collisions of spheres that are rolling down an incline The idea is simple, but surprisingly this can probably land you an A
Catapult vs. Trebuchet This requires a lot of power tools and stuff, but is top notch.
Test the effects of lubricants on sliding objects This is kind of dorky, but will get you a good grade
Check out the effects of superconductors on magnets This is awesome but requires liquid nitrogen for super cooling.
Simulate meteor impacts Be sure to take this seriously, otherwise you're screwed.
Create sparks using the flow of water This is a good idea, but hard to make. Check it out
Build a gigantic slingshot and see how far you can launch rotten fruit. More of a neighborhood terror project that a physics project I think.
Study the effects of wing curve and attack angle on life and aerodynamics This is awesome. Easy to make both the wind tunnel, and the wing.
Study refraction of lasers passing through liquids of various kinds This is a nice idea, but kind of dull. 
Observe glancing collisions of pendulums. Be sure to make everything precise and accurate, this one is hard.
Construct jump boots. To see if you can achieve greater jump height. This one is hard to make, and requires welding supplies. But looks cool.
Test the effects of momentum and inertia of object falling out of cars making a turn. This one is interesting but not really interesting at the same time. 
Test the effects of wave harmonics.  I don't know, this one is good if you come up with a fun experiment.
Test the effects of magnets on current This one will probably get you an A. Don't shock yourself.
Test the power of current-induced magnetism Don't drop the heavy metal object on your foot. It hurts like a mother.
Simulate a more realistic game of battleship. Fun to make, but the teacher probably wont take you seriously.
Experiment with pressure. See if you can make a penny jump This can be made into a complicated experiment, but probably should be.
Test the stabilities of 3d objects. I beam vs. cylinder that sort of thing. Good idea, and easy to make. Make sure to research this thoroughly.
See if you can levitate a drop of oil using induced charge and magnets. This is extremely difficult. Don't do this unless you are brilliant.
Observe the effects of heating on particle systems Be careful not to burn yourself. This project is difficult.
Observe pendulum movement under water This is pretty stupid. But try it anyways if you are desperate.
See if you can move objects with light. This probably requires a lot of equipment and time.
Create ball lightning in your microwave This is dangerous kids. Don't try this at home. (well you will probably have to anyway)
Create a pulley system Fun to do, hard to make, lots of time and effort.
Watch the grass grow... Wow, this isn't funny anymore.

If you have any ideas of your own. You can submit them to me here: